Roaring 70th

Yesterday, we celebrated a momentous occasion: my mother’s 70th birthday party. To honor her milestone, we organized a spectacular Roaring 20’s themed event, and we named it her “Roaring 70th.” Just as we had thrown a grand party for my father with his friends, it was only fitting that we did the same for my … More Roaring 70th

CHANEL no 40

As we journey through life, we often celebrate milestones and accomplishments that bring us joy and happiness. But as the years pass by, we tend to overlook one of the most significant milestones – aging gracefully. This year, I am celebrating with my friends as we turn a milestone age, commonly referred to as “going … More CHANEL no 40

A BOHO Chic Dream

Ainsley Rose, what a lovely name for a new arrival! The boho chic baby shower held in honor of this little one was just as beautiful and unique as her name. Hosted at the stunning Flower Child in Del Mar, the shower was a perfect blend of nature, creativity, and love. The DIY aspect of … More A BOHO Chic Dream

Curious Elijah

Starting my Etsy shop has really been a blessing because I get to be connected to people from all over the place and hear their stories. Then somehow I’m apart of their babies 1st birthday party. I get to help bring their vision for their baby to life. It’s a pretty amazing experience that I … More Curious Elijah