A Little Prince Charming

Every mom wishes their sons to be little prince charming’s someday. Right? I know I wish that for my son. I can’t wait for him to grow up and treat some lucky girl like a princess.

We just threw the most spectacular little prince charming party last weekend. Got to make one mom super happy by exceeding her expectations and I got to check off one of my party bucket list items at the same time. “Kill 2 bird with one stone!”

The party was held at the Bernardo Heights Country Club. The space was small but it was just right for the size of the party. We ended up doing gorgeous floral arrangements for the head table and guest tables and showcased a balloon garland. We have been seeing balloon garlands everywhere since last year and always wanted to try it. Now I can cross it off my bucket list….CHECK. It’s pretty simple to create. Maybe I’ll do a tutorial someday when I get a chance.


Designs: Dohlhousedesigns
Cakes and Dessets: Wednesday Cakes CO
Venue: Bernardo Heights Country Club
Dduk: Zion Rice Cake – 213-210-8917


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