And So The Adventure Begins…

It was a busy weekend following the holiday season because i organizing a baby shower for Jennifer and Howard. After wrapping up Christmas and New Year’s, I was excited to put together an Adventure Awaits-themed celebration for the couple who were expecting their first baby, a boy.

The chosen venue for the party was the Mendocino Farms restaurant in La Jolla, California. We were thrilled with the restaurant’s beauty and how accommodating the employees were. The space was perfect for the occasion.

To create the perfect atmosphere, we made our own DIY diaper cake, hung balloon clusters shaped like clouds, and handmade paper lantern hot air balloons all around the restaurant. The decorations added a magical touch to the Adventure Awaits theme and made the couple feel special.

We bought snacks and sweets to make sure everyone had something to nibble on during the party. The star of the dessert table was Angela’s delicious cookies, which everyone couldn’t stop raving about. Angela, the baker from Wednesday Cakes, was a hit with everyone at the party. She is talented, sweet, and cute, and her baked goods were fantastic.

The party was a huge success, and everyone had a great time celebrating Jennifer and Howard’s baby boy. The Adventure Awaits theme made the event unforgettable, and everyone left with happy memories of the beautiful day.

Make this happen for you!!!

Hot air ballonos:

1. Lanterns:

2. Basket:

3. Sticks:

4. Twine:

Wood Round Plates:

Mylar Oh Boy Balloons:

All party kit printables can be found on our etsy shop:


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