CHANEL no 40

Life’s celebrations also includes aging gracefully. This year my friends and I are going OVER-THE-HILL…. Or are we? It sure doesn’t feel like over the hill… it’s feels like we are embracing our age and celebrating it to the fullest. Coming up with clever themes was a bit challenging but here is one that I … More CHANEL no 40


A boho chic dream

Ainsley Rose!!! What a beautiful name for a new baby arriving soon into this world. This was the perfect name to go with this perfect boho chic baby shower of macrame, feathers and dream catchers. The shower was held at the beautiful Flower Child in Del Mar. A lot of DIY went into this party. … More A boho chic dream

Curious Elijah

Starting my Etsy shop has really been a blessing because I get to be connected to people from all over the place and hear their stories. Then somehow I’m apart of their babies 1st birthday party. I get to help bring their vision for their baby to life. It’s a pretty amazing experience that I … More Curious Elijah