What we offer:

  1. Graphic Design Services such as logos, flyer, and party prints
  2. Web Design Services – please inquire for pricing
  3.  Event Planning and Design services

We are an event design company that specializes in Korean 1st Birthday Parties (dohls), 100 day parties (Bae-kils), and other events. We will set-up and take-down your party/event.  We offer 3 different plans:

Please contact us for pricing



Table Cloths, Vases, Cake Stands, Frames, Decor Items, Doljabi Items, Doljabi Vases


  1. Special Custom Designs: $250
  2. 36in Round Balloons: $50 each
  3. Favors packaged with custom tags : $3/bag (favors not included – min 12 bags)
  4. Snack packaged with custom tags: $1/bag (snacks not included – min 50 bags)
  5. Event Planner: $500 (making sure everything runs smoothly and on a timely manner)
  6. Simple centerpieces (real flowers are market price): $500 – price may vary
  7. 12 Month Display customized: $100
  8. GO-IM Tower:  $30 each