About Me

Welcome to DohlHouseDesigns!

My name is Hae-Jean and I’m mommy to my wonderful son Dylan. He is the joy of my life. I used to work full time as a web and graphic designer but now i’m a full time stay-at-home mom. It’s seriously a full time job just finding things to do with my son. He keeps me busy…That’s for sure! I have loved every moment of watching him grow up. I never thought starting a new business would be possible for me to handle with raising my son, but it’s what I always wanted to do. I needed to get out of my comfort zone and just do it! If I never start i’ll never achieve my dreams! Watching my son grow and seeing all my friends kids all around me everyday has inspired me to share my talents and show the world the beautiful in design and why it’s so worth it.

It’s all in the details. What I do is create and design the look for your special event like your babies 1st birthday party (dohl), parties, and events. Check out our social media sites so see what I’ve done and what I can do for you. I think the designs speak for themselves.

I also enjoy baking and cooking yummy food (eating it too) and awesome fun DIY projects. I love to try and make something with my own hands. It’s so rewarding when you make something and actually find a use for it. I love it!  So you’ll probably see all sorts of crafty, DIY, Food and other neat things I’m interested in! Subscribe to our site to keep in touch with us and sign up for our newsletter so can see cool DIY projects, designs and promotions on our Etsy shop. Sign up here: http://eepurl.com/cCFWlH