About Me

Welcome to DohlHouseDesigns!

Welcome to DohlHouse Designs, where we make your “Pinterest-Party Dream” a reality. My name is Hae-Jean, and I work full-time as a content marketing manager at a law firm. My background is in web and graphic design, and I get to be creative in my own time with DohlHouse Designs. I’m also a proud mom to my wonderful son, which has been my most fulfilling job to date. Watching him grow up has been an incredible experience that has inspired me to share my talents with the world.

Dohlhouse Designs was created to make beautiful parties easy and doable for everyone. We understand that while we all love pinning those gorgeous party ideas on Pinterest, they can seem unattainable. That’s where we come in – we offer full-service event styling packages that take care of everything, from designing and styling the party to managing vendors and assembling packages. All you have to do is dream, and we’ll make it happen.

In addition to party planning, I enjoy baking and cooking delicious food (and of course, eating it!). I have a passion for being creative and making things DIY because I believe in my abilities. It’s incredibly rewarding to create something with my own hands and find a purpose for it.

Thank you for visiting DohlHouse Designs. We’re excited to help you create the perfect party and bring your vision to life.