Aged to Perfection 070 Style

Four years have swiftly passed since my father’s 70th birthday, a milestone worth cherishing. It feels like only yesterday that my sister and I were meticulously planning every detail of his grand celebration. Today, I am compelled to recount this remarkable event and share its story with you. The memories of that day remain vivid, etched in our hearts, and this party was truly exceptional. Allow me to take you back and recount the captivating moments that unfolded.

Picture a day adorned with sheer beauty, an ideal setting for jubilation. Our hearts brimming with excitement, my sister and I devoted months to ensuring that our father’s 70th birthday would be a treasured memory. In adherence to Korean tradition, this milestone deserved nothing less than absolute reverence and reverence we offered.

A James Bond-themed extravaganza was our chosen path, infused with a twist of uniqueness: the captivating 070 style. The Pacific Highland Ranch Community room served as our grand stage, bedecked in elegant hues of black, white, and gold, gently accentuated by hints of passionate red.

The centerpiece of the affair was none other than the magnificent cake, an artistic marvel crafted by the talented Angela of Wednesday Cakes. It took the form of a refined tuxedo, exquisitely designed to perfection. Adorning the cake was a DIY cake topper, carefully inscribed with the words “Aged to Perfection 070,” truly encapsulating the essence of this momentous occasion.

Our attention to detail extended to the delectable treats. Mini martini glasses held delightful orbs of green and white rice cake balls, each adorned with personalized DIY toothpicks bearing the numbers “070” on their tips. The dessert spread was equally captivating, featuring 007-inspired cookies from Wednesday Cakes and meticulously decorated black and white geode macarons from Happy Mac. And let us not forget the adorable poker chip chocolates adorning the tables, adding a touch of playfulness to the festivities.

A captivating photo booth beckoned guests, concealed within a top-secret envelope frame. Within its confines, cherished memories were captured, offering a permanent testament to this extraordinary day.

As the celebration unfolded, the atmosphere became infused with sheer delight. Laughter echoed, hearts overflowed with joy, and our father wore a radiant smile that stretched from ear to ear. Surrounded by the embrace of his loved ones, he basked in the warmth of their affection. It was a moment of pure bliss, and we were profoundly grateful for the opportunity to curate such an unforgettable experience.

Though four years have passed, the memories of that day remain as fresh as ever in our minds. It was a day marked by love, laughter, and delectable cuisine—a true homage to the beauty of life. We invite you to witness and cherish the essence of this remarkable celebration, where Dohlhouse Designs’ event styling expertise shone brilliantly, leaving an indelible impression. All graphics featured in this event can be found on our Etsy shop, a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship that adorned this unforgettable day.

Get these things to create your DIY party:

Mirror Centerpiece plate:

Gold 4×6 table frames:

Mini Martini glasses:

Balloon Garland:

Gold Tinsel Curtain:

Black Sequins Curtain:


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