Pokemon Training Camp

My Son just turned 5 years old. It’s a bitter sweet moment for me because i’m trying to cherish all the days and he’s just getting older so fast. Everyone laughs at me or judges me because I coddle my son like a baby still but these days are short lived in my opinion. Anyways, he’s 5 years old now….Which is a huge milestone for a little kid. I have to do something right? Haha Every year I get lazy and don’t want to do anything but I needed to buck up and just do it. He’s only 5 once and pretty soon I’m going to blink an eye and he’ll be off to college. Ok, i’m being a little over dramatic here but it’s kind of true in a sense.

So, he has many obsessions. First it was Cars, then Superhero’s, then Hotwheel’s and Now it’s POKÉMON. He loves superhero’s still, but he loves Pokémon right now. So why not throw a Pokemon training camp pool party. We had it at the FIT Athletic Club in Carmel Mountain, San Diego. This place was perfect because we got a whole section to ourselves, a lifeguard manning the pool, and a jumpy house. To make the Pokémon Training Camp, I created 4 training exercises.

Training Exercise 1: Intelligence Gathering. I had a custom activity sheet for the kids to color and to ‘guess that pokémon’.


Training Exercise 2: Gotta Catchem’ All. I handmade pokeballs out of pingpong balls and hid them all over the place so the kids could go catch all the pokémon. Anyone need Pokeballs I have a lot… heehee

To make:

  1. Get pingpong balls from the dollar store
  2. Get Red acrylic paint or spray paint
  3. Use black tape to make the line
  4. Printed small circles and hand cut and glued them to the balls.


Training Exercise 3: Jump like Magikarp in the jumpy house


Training Exercise 4: Swim like Gyarados


After all that play and eating yummy deserts and cake from three30bakes everyone was certified as a pokémon trainer.

Check out all the details:

  1. Location: FIT Athletic club in carmel mountain
  2. Cake and Cookies: three50bakes
  3. Graphics and Print: in house at DohlhouseDesigns
  4. Donuts: DIY How to Make Mini Pokemon Donuts!

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