Pokemon Training Camp

The day of the party had finally arrived and the excitement in the air was palpable. My son woke up extra early, eager to start his special day. I had spent weeks planning and preparing for this event and I was eager to see everything come together.

As we arrived at the FIT Athletic Club, we were greeted by the staff who had set up a special section just for us. The pool was sparkling in the sunshine and the jumpy house was inflated and ready to go. The lifeguard on duty greeted us and went over the safety rules with the kids before they jumped into the water.

I could see the excitement in my son’s eyes as he ran from activity to activity, completing each training exercise with enthusiasm. He loved the activity sheet and was eager to show off his knowledge of all the different Pokémon. He was also thrilled with the handmade pokeballs and spent so much time searching for them all over the place, catching each one with a triumphant cry.

The jumpy house was a hit too, with the kids jumping around like Magikarp and trying to outdo each other with their best moves. And when it came time for the swim like Gyarados exercise, the kids were eager to show off their skills in the water.

As the day drew to a close, we gathered around the picnic tables to eat cake and delicious desserts from Wednesday Cakes. My son was beaming with pride as he received his official certification as a Pokémon trainer.

Looking back on the day, I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. It was the perfect celebration for my son’s fifth birthday and a day that he will surely remember for years to come. And as we drove home, exhausted but happy, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for all the memories we had created together.

Training Exercise 1: Intelligence Gathering. I had a custom activity sheet for the kids to color and to ‘guess that pokémon’.


Training Exercise 2: Gotta Catchem’ All. I handmade pokeballs out of Ping-Pong balls and hid them all over the place so the kids could go catch all the Pokémon. Anyone need Pokeballs I have a lot… heehee

To make:

  1. Get Ping-Pong balls from the dollar store
  2. Get Red acrylic paint or spray paint
  3. Use black tape to make the line
  4. Printed small circles and hand cut and glued them to the balls.


Training Exercise 3: Jump like Magikarp in the jumpy house


Training Exercise 4: Swim like Gyarados


After all that play and eating yummy deserts and cake from three30bakes everyone was certified as a pokémon trainer.

Check out all the details:

  1. Location: FIT Athletic club in carmel mountain
  2. Cake and Cookies: three50bakes
  3. Graphics and Print: in house at DohlhouseDesigns
  4. Donuts: DIY How to Make Mini Pokemon Donuts!

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