Curious Elijah

Starting my Etsy shop has really been a blessing because I get to be connected to people from all over the place and hear their stories. Then somehow I’m apart of their babies 1st birthday party. I get to help bring their vision for their baby to life. It’s a pretty amazing experience that I never thought I would be doing for people other than my tiny circle of friends. Every mom or dad has a different theme or idea on what they are looking for. It’s my job to try and design what they are envisioning. There are endless possibilities.

I Just finished a custom series for a Curious George Dohl (Korean 1st Birthday) Curious Elijah is turning one! First of all this isn’t your typical dohl theme. But there are no restrictions when it comes to parties. They requested George to wear a hanbok (Traditional Korean Dress) and they wanted the designs to match their cake with bright colors of red, green blue and yellow. After researching all about Curious George and how things should look, I decided to make the series match the style of their book covers. Hope you guys like it.




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