Happy Galentine’s Day


I had no idea Galentine’s day was actually a thing, but apparently it was aired on an episode of Park and Rec… You can watch it on youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GzNX3gI38M

On the video they were saying that Galentine’s Day was celebrated on February 13th with girl friends and that it should be a national holiday! It really should be a national holiday. I think every girl needs to celebrate at least one day out of the year with their gals. That would be awesome!

Anyways, one of my good friends Sara invited me to attend a Galentine’s Day celebration with some good girl friends and it was amazing. She did a spectacular job in setting up the event.  She had cute little signs everywhere, little mailbox place card holders, flowers and chocolates in the center. It was a day to remember for sure. We each enjoyed our dinner and drinks and took home a box of chocolates.


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