Planning out my days

An Easy Guide to Start Blogging, Earn Money and be successful

Starting a new business is no joke. First, it took me a long time to just get started. I had the talent to design, I just needed the motivation or a kick in the butt to hurry up and just do it. This is seriously a full-time gig on its own. I’m trying to juggle all these social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, Pinterest and this Blog. (

Trying to get my name out there has been hard. One thing I just tried was I asked a few of my good friends that I have designed many things for in the past to help my out by posting and liking stuff of mine on their social media. I figured it was worth a shot to start a chain reaction of them liking my stuff, to their friends liking it to their friends and so on. We’ll see how it turns out… I think I need to be more proactive and keep posting things but I don’t want to seem intrusive and quite frankly annoying to my friends. This isn’t going to be easy that’s for sure.

I’m also dabbling into affiliate marketing. It’s a bit daunting and scary but it doesn’t hurt to try. From what I take it’s a way to promote other people on your site and you get PAID!!! Show me the money! Haven’t seen it yet because I just started but I’ll keep you all posted in case your are interested.

Ok..So do you want to know what I’ve done so far to get started. Well I opened a wordpress blog and paid for my domain. I think this is very important to have your own domain name so you seem legit. You’ll also seem a lot more trustworthy to your readers as well. I’m also paying for hosting my site. Bluehost is a great hosting company that provides affordable hosting for like $5.95/month!!! That is a steal. I know because I have been paying for hosting for my personal portfolio for over 10 years now.

So, now I’m trying to management all this affiliate marketing stuff, design new products to showcase and sell on my etsy shop, write new posts, and also keep my son entertained and happy. I think now I need to invest in a new planner and prioritize my work to keep organized and happy.  I’ve had my eye on the  Heidi Swapp Memory Planner Large Gold Foil Stripes Planner 122 Piece.


It’s so beautiful and clean-looking. I just love everything HeidiSwapp comes out with. I’m going to plan out my week and just focus on 2 or 3 items for that day like:

Mon – Design a new product, Update etsy, instagram and facebook

Tues – Focus on Pinterest and write a new post

Wed – Write Affiliate post

Thurs – New design, Create Business cards and handouts

Fri – Write a new post, promote site


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