Oh What Fun Otis Is One!

We were beyond excited when we booked our first real client. It felt like all of our hard work and dedication had finally paid off. The client was a lovely family who wanted to celebrate their son Otis’ first birthday, which is known as dohl in the Korean tradition. They had a cute monkey theme in mind, as Otis was born in the year of the monkey according to the lunar calendar.

We wanted to create something special for Otis’ dohl, and decided to stay away from the typical jungle theme. Instead, we opted for a clean and simple look using black, white, and yellow as our primary colors. We also incorporated plenty of bananas into the decor to tie in with the monkey theme.

The party was to be held at Eclipse Chocolate in San Diego, which was a beautiful venue. We worked closely with the staff to ensure that everything would run smoothly and that we could incorporate all of the traditional elements of a dohl.

On the day of the event, we arrived early to set up and make sure that everything was perfect. The room looked stunning with our black and white decorations and the adorable monkey-themed accents.

As guests started to arrive, we could feel the excitement in the air. Everyone was eager to celebrate Otis’ big day. The traditional dohl ceremony was held, and it was a beautiful moment for the family. The highlight of the party, however, was definitely the cake smash! Otis had an absolute blast smashing into his monkey-themed cake, and the guests loved watching him.

Overall, the event was a huge success. The family was thrilled with how everything turned out, and we were so happy to have been a part of it. It was an incredible feeling to see all of our hard work pay off, and we can’t wait for our next event!

Here’s how it turned out:


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