DIY Tassel Garland

My nieces 10th birthday party is coming up next week. We decided to decorate some of the tables with some tassel garlands. So I figured why not create a simple tutorial for you as promised. Please let me know if this is helpful. I’ve watched many tutorials and read DIY articles on how to make these things and found them to be confusing so I came up with my own easy way to create them. I don’t know if this is the right way to make them, but it works for me and they turn out great. So here goes:

Supplies you will Need:

  1. Tissue Paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Washi Tape
  4.  Hot Glue Gun (optional)

(Note: in this tutorial each sheet of tissue paper makes 4 long skinny tassels)

Supplies you will need
Mint and Gold Washi tape
  1. Layout the sheet of tissue flat (horizontal). Try to smooth it out so that your tassel strands are straight a pretty.
one sheet of tissue laidout


2. Fold  the flat horizontal sheet over from left to right.  (please note in the bottom photo I flipped the folded sheet above so that the folded edge is on top)

3. Fold the above sheet again from left to right. Open the fold and cut all the along the folded line to form 2 sheets.

4. Keep the Folded edge on the top. Take 1 of the sheets above and fold it over left and right again and cut down the middle. Repeat this to the 2nd sheet and now you should have 4 skinny rectangle strips like the one below.

5. Fold one of the sheets 3 times in the middle (see below)

6. Open up one fold and cut down the middle leaving an inch near the folded end uncut. Make sure to cut down the side that is not folded. You should leave the folded edge uncut about an inch.

7. Open another fold and cut down the middle again leaving an inch uncut.

8.  Open it up again and cut the last strip, leaving an inch.

9.  open up the tassel and gently spread it out flat like a spider.

10. Start gathering and rolling the tissue in the middle


11.  Tightly twist the middle part

11.  Twist and loop the two sides together creating a ring. 

12. fasten the looped part with some glue or washi tape

13.  And ta-da— you have a tassel… now make 100 more and you have a tassel garland… heehee easy-peazy

14.  Example of 2 tassels…. left has 2 folds and thicker strands. Right has 3 folds and thin strands.

15. Here is a bunch of the tassels in various colord…


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