It’s a flowery lilac anniversary~


First of all I would like to give a shout out to David and Diana. Have the Happiest 25th Anniversary! Hope you love your Ice Cream Favors!

We just opened our Etsy store so we have been anticipating the moment of getting a sale. We’ve been working really hard on various projects and trying to spread the word about what we are all about. This whole “getting your name out there” has been quite a process. I get so excited when I see the result of our hard work when we get likes and favorites. I’m like a little kid in a candy store, in aw that people actually like my work and found me somehow.

This past weekend I was on a mini vacation and I got a notification from a potential customer. So exciting! The customer was so nice and really liked our Sugar and Spice tags and wanted to customize them for her parents 25th anniversary party. After answering all her questions and concerns she decided to go with us and bought our custom designed tags. It was soooooo nice and awesome to get that notification of our first sale.  We just designed these Custom Ice Cream favor tags for their Anniversary party! They wanted it lilac, white and cream, using florals and customized with different ice cream flavors. Above is what we came up with for their special event.

You can get your own customized here!




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