Setting the mood

Canva Mint, Pink, and Gold Moodboard
Canva Mint, Pink, and Gold Mood board
Every party should start off with a mood board for inspiration with colors and things you would like to try to see incorporated! This helps us as designers to come up with a cohesive look for the printable and decor. Pinterest is always a good place to start! It’s our go to for ideas and inspirations. We love it! follow us on our Pinterest to see what were interested in.

I was surfing through the web for color pallets and inspirations and discovered this company called Canva! I saw that they create mood boards for you. It’s pretty awesome.

So my next project is planning a 10-year-old girls birthday party. Her favorite colors are mint, pink and gold. So we decided that will be the theme throughout. We will incorporate those colors to keep the party looking cohesive.  So the first step was to pin things we liked and create a mood board. Above is what we came up with. Were thinking a macron cake, a mint, pink and gold balloon garland and other printable to match. The party is going to be held at Mint Studio in Carmel Valley so the girls will be doing a craft of some sort. We were thinking of having all the girls paint a blank canvas book with watercolors to create a smashbook. With this in mind we are incorporating the watercolor look throughout as well. Let’s see what we come up with!

xoxo, haej



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