Unicorn Themed First Birthday Party

My friends is planning her daughters Dohl/Dol Korean First Birthday Party. It’s such a cute unicorn theme with a modern twist to it. It’s simple with the colors from Black, White, Pink and Silver. It’s not your typical unicorn party with rainbows and pastel colors. She wanted it very graphical with a hand drawn look. The unicorn she liked for the Foxella and friends Unicorn. So I drew out a unicorn inspired by that character. I’m pretty excited to show you all what I came up with and see the day come together. We have the entire Party-kit at our shop. All items are fully customizable to fit your needs. You can change the colors and all information on the files.

Items in our Unicorn Collection:

  1. Fully customizable infographic milestone poster.
  2. Doljabi Poster Board
  3. Circle Topper favor tags 2in
  4. Printable Unicorn Invitation 5×7



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